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Our founders realize the Internet is a perfect tool to make Credit Repair help more widely available to all Americans, not just the wealthy.

After a decade of growing our services and reputation, we innovate again, creating a network for people to get personalized Credit Repair advice to address their individual needs.

We care

Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. That's why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We're knowledgeable

Our network of Credit Repair Specialist is experienced in a wide range of Credit issues, whether you need help with a Credit Bureau or Creditor.

We speak plain language

Your Credit Repair options don’t need to be confusing. We're here to help you understand what's best for you.

Credit Repair Solutions You Need

Credit Repair Zoom provides the Credit Repair solutions you need to, Create Credit Bureau Dispute Documents, Create Creditor Dispute Documents, File Fraud and Identity theft Documents, or we can handle a variety of Credit Repair matters for you.

Credit Repair costs can get expensive. But we believe everyone should have access to services that help you reach your goals. Whether you're buying a home, Purchasing a new car , seeking a Loan, we'll be your guide.


We've helped over 2 million people get the help they need

Bureau ? Creditor? Fraud?

Confused about your options? Answer a few simple questions and find out which one may be right for you.

Crafted by top attorneys

Our attorneys continually maintain our documents to be up to date with the latest legal requirements.

Credit Dispute Documents

We provide services to help Clients Dispute inaccurate inaccuracies, and take care of many of the legal requirements related to the Dispute.

Creditor Dispute Documents

Our services to help Clients Dispute inaccurate inaccuracies a creditor might have on record and take care of many of the legal requirements related to the Dispute.

Credit Sweep Documents

We provide services to help Clients Restore their Credit Standing, and take care of many of the legal requirements related to the process. (Remove All Negative Credit inaccuracies in 30 -45 Days) But can see Results in as little 14 Days.

Credit Repair Services

Our Credit Repair Service handles the matter for you, our Specialist Dispute inaccurate inaccuracies, correspond with the Bureaus and Creditors and take care of many of the legal requirements related to the Dispute.

How credit Repair works

The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Credit Protection Act have enacted hundreds of regulations that credit reporting companies, collection agencies and credit bureaus must comply with in order for any reported item to remain on your report.

Information about credit scores

The credit score represents the risk a lender may have in extending you credit. There are several parameters in your credit score, including length of credit history, number of open accounts, loans, mortgages, public records and others, and they are formulated to make up a score between about 300 and 950.

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