Know Credit Repair Zoom

1. How often should I expect to get mail from the credit bureaus?

Every 36 to 45 days after a dispute you should expect to get an updated credit report.

2. What should I do with the mailed credit reports that I get from the credit bureaus?

Keep these documents for your records and track the negative inaccuracies as it falls off the report.

3. What can I Remove from my credit bureau report?

With our Document Services, Credit Sweep or Credit Repair Services you can take off unpaid collections, charge-offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, medical bills, foreclosures, tax liens, civil liens, judgments, student loans, credit card debt, inquiries, slow pays, old addresses and all incorrect names.

4. Will the accounts I remove from my credit bureau report ever come back?

On average only 1 out of 10,000 will re-appear back on your credit when we remove the account.

5. Who are the three Credit Bureaus?

Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

6. How long does information remain on my report?

Credit bureaus report credit information for a period of seven (7) years. Some states have special provisions for collections and paid liens. Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies are each reported for 10 years and the date is measured from the date of the filing.

7. Why do Credit Bureaus not want me to use a Credit Repair Company?

The credit bureaus will tell you that it is easier and less expensive to do it yourself. While it may be true that you have the right to repair your credit yourself, many individuals do not have the time, experience and organizational savvy necessary to deal with bureaucracies.

8. How long would it take Credit Repair Zoom’s Credit Sweep Services, to repair my credit?

30 -45 Days But can see Results in as little 14 Days.

9. How long would it take Credit Repair Zoom’s Document Services, to repair my credit?

30 -45 Days per inaccuracy Disputed

10. How long would it take Credit Repair Zoom’s Credit Repairs Services, to repair my credit?

There is no definite answer, only definite advantages as the time varies depending on the initial credit status of each customer. On average it takes between 90 to 180 days Credit Repair Zoom to repair your credit, as long as you are preparing the documents and following every step to completion.

11. Does paying off my bills repair my credit?

The credit reporting system doesn't work that way. When you pay an old debt, the negative credit listing doesn't disappear. In fact, it re-ages and the seven year clock begins again with that negative listing. The most ironic thing is that a paid, current negative listing is not any better than an unpaid negative listing.

12. How does a Credit Bureau make money?

A credit bureau is a commercial business. It makes money by selling your credit report to others. A person with bad credit means more business for them as such a person applies for credit about ten (10) times more than a person with good credit.

13. Who can see my credit report?

Anyone who wants information for a business transaction between you and them may obtain your credit report. This may include an insurance company, a prospective landlord, a prospective employer, a collector or a government official.

14. Why should I use a Credit Repair Zoom?

The most common reasons are that individuals either have already tried themselves with limited results, or they just don't have the time to undertake this task. If you decide to use us, you can be assured that you will be receiving the best assistance and service possible.

15. How does Credit Repair Zoom do this legally?

Disputing your credit report is your right. Credit restoration is as legal as pleading "not guilty" in a court of law. (All steps must be followed to completion to get results stated)